Monday, March 28, 2011

The things we do to clean carpet.

     It was a Friday and we started our day in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach, we had one carpet cleaning appointment and the rest of the day to do office work.  Then the phone rang, somebody found our name on the internet and wanted to set up an appointment,  I told her any day next week would be fine.  She then told me how she had been stood up by another carpet cleaning company earlier and all of her furniture was off of the carpet.  Well I told her I could be there at noon, and she said she would be there.  You know where this is going.  We arrived at 12 on the dot,  I rang the doorbell; no answer, called the  cell phone, no answer, we waited around for 15 minutes and no show.  This is what probably happened to the other company.  We returned to the office and about 12:45 we get another call, she is sorry she missed us and would like us to come back.  Of course, I told her we would be there at 1:15 and she agreed.  Guess what, at 1:15 she was not there, so I called her and she said "I am literally 2 minutes away"; well 15 minutes later we decide we need to replace a tire on the van and go to the tire shop.  She calls at 1:45 and says she is home now and could we come back again.  Since we just went to a tire shop around the corner from her house, we decided to go back after we were through getting a tire. We pulled up at about 2:00 as she was unlocking the door.  She showed us the areas to be cleaned and while we were cleaning she slipped out without notice.  When we finished the job she was no where to be found, and would not answer the phone.  Not really a good idea. lets just say after 20 minutes and 3 messages one of them not so nice she finally showed up.

    Sorry for the rant, but these are the Adventures of a Carpet Cleaner, you should know the good, the bad and the ugly.  I was always professional but come on people, just tell the truth.  I could have come at 3 when her kids got of the bus and all would have been fine.  I must say that shows dedication to getting the job done.  My competition makes me look good.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rug Doctor vs. Professional Carpet Cleaner

Many people say they will clean their carpets with a Rug Doctor; after all, you can go to the supermarket and get a rug doctor for $25, right? Oh yeah, don't forget the detergent.  And those spots probably need some kind of special remover. What about the doggie smell and the urine stain that 'Spot' left for us?  Don't forget to grab the stair tool for the steps.  All said and done it costs almost $80.00 plus tax.  Here's the proof from their website

There is also the matter of your time and sweat.  And picking up the equipment will take at LEAST 30 minutes, even if you live next door.  Then, there is the cleaning and emptying and refilling the water which is probably 30 minutes a room.  With 5 rooms and a hallway it will take about 4 hours to get back home and relax.  If you make $7.50 an hour (minimum wage) thats $30, and the $80 plus tax you already paid out.  Grand total = $110
What a great deal, right?


A Better Image Restorations will clean 5 rooms and a hall for $90 You will be saving over $20 and you get to kick back and watch someone else do the work.  Not only that, but we have professional grade detergents and heat - lots of heat. Frankly, no Rug Doctor will be able to deliver the heat like we can.  Our truck mounted system has a powerful vacuum that will leave your carpet drier, reducing your "stay off the carpet time."  We also have the training and experience to get out many spots that if treated the wrong way will become permanent stains.

     When times are tight, the apparently cheaper option may not save you the most money. If not A Better Image Restorations cleaning your carpets,  make sure you use a professional carpet cleaner.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ah Mondays...

Have you ever woke up on a Monday expecting a good day.  Sure it was raining this morning and 1 1/2 carpet cleaning jobs rescheduled, but I was focused on being positive.   Called the one  job we had and confirmed that we would be there at 1:00, at least we had a job.  Well the sky started to clear and it became a beautiful spring day.  Then the phone rang, a local university had some students cause fire damage and this caused a little problem in the unit.  I remember college, never tried to burn it down with a pizza box.  Now we have been asked to come in and clean up the smoke and fire damage. Yay!!! sometimes, I love stupid people...Then, our 1:00  job added some upholstery cleaning to her carpet cleaning, and scheduled a pressure washing. Awesome! She even asked about our tile cleaning, Regular customers are so much more fun to work with,  it always makes me want to do that little bit extra to make them happy.  Well the work day is almost complete now off to the place I call home have a great day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Adventures of a Carpet Cleaner.: It is Spring Cleaning time.

The Adventures of a Carpet Cleaner.: It is Spring Cleaning time.: "Ahh. The beginning of spring, the smell of flowers, the birds chirping, the warm sun on my face, and the sneezing and sniffling of my ..."

It is Spring Cleaning time.

Ahh.  The beginning of spring, the smell of flowers, the birds chirping, the warm sun on my face, and the sneezing and sniffling of my partner.  That's right allergies are picking up and it is time to clean clean clean,  If only one time a year you do a thorough cleaning, this should be it.  The EPA says indoor air quality can be worse then the outside air.  In cities like Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach where we live so close to the road, contaminants i.e. oil, tar, sand, etc. can permanently damage your carpet.  These things also get dispersed into the air and can make you sick.  Do some spring cleaning then call me to take care of the carpet, upholstery what ever you need.  Have a great day, and please make sure your professional carpet cleaner is certified to do the task.  Check out our lists of services

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carpet Protectors

New carpet protectors work in two ways. First, acid dye blockers, which block many acidic dyes (i.e. food, wine, kool-aid, urine) from attaching to the carpet fiber. Second, Teflon is added to the Acid Dye Blocker to help seal it into the fiber. Picture a invisible straw covering every fiber to act as a shield. The combination of these to chemicals protects your carpet with your help. You are the key in keeping the spot out, the faster the better, and remember blot never scrub with a clean towel and a LITTLE soap and water. If that does not work give us a call. Thank-you

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why do we need to dry? Mold...

     Have you ever walked into a basement or garage and smelled a musty odor? You can look high and low but you just cannot figure out where or what it is. These areas tend to be damp and places that are damp for extended periods will breed mold. Mold is EVERYWHERE! The problem is when too much mold builds up inside your home. These mold spores can reach toxic levels. Another problem is, you cannot always see the mold, it may be in low levels right in front of your eyes, just waiting for the right conditions to rear its ugly head.

When dealing with mold trust your nose. That musty smell in the basement, it’s mold. Now don’t jump up and grab that bottle of bleach. Remember mold is everywhere. It does warrant some further investigation look around for visible signs of mold, it can be many different colors black usually, being the worse. Damp or wet areas should be dried and kept dry. If you cannot see any mold then try cleaning the area with an antimicrobial, If that musty smell persists you may want to call a professional.

Attention: If you can see the mold, you are breathing it. Call a professional immediately, the longer you wait the more the mold will grow spread.  Mold can also pose serious health risks.

Water Damage and organization

     It helps to be organized in my business.  We can have multiple jobs and different cities going on at the same time, and then a call will come in and everything has to be reorganized.  When dealing with a water damage situation there is enough chaos going on to make any good system fail.  When you find yourself in a water damage situation it is important to remember speed is #1.  The structure and it contents must begin the drying process immediately, mold can take as little as 24 hours to appear.
     If you are going through your insurance company they understand the urgency and will authorize emergency services to begin immediately, no need for an estimate insurance companies already have a payment structure in place; just make sure your restoration company is on board and certified. It is standard practice to collect a deductible and have you sign a "Work Authorization Form" to get started.
    If you do not have insurance you maybe tempted to get estimates but remember the clock is ticking, the longer you wait the more it will cost you.  If the job is not done correctly it will cost you ten fold down the line to fix a mold problem.  Trust me I do both and the average mold job is much more expensive and 99% of the time not covered by insurance, it is seen as negligence.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why do people call, wanting carpet cleaning done today?

I have received 2 phone calls from people wanting their carpet cleaned today, after being stood up by a competitor.  Of course I can always accommodate, but they seem so surprised when I say yes, that they have to make arrangements for someone to be there.  They say they will call back, but they never did.  They did not even ask for a price.  Maybe the problem was there was no one home when the carpet cleaning company arrived.  In any case shouldn't you be ready when calling for a same day service, why waste your time or mine.