Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The icky things we do.

      I recently received a call asking if I clean crime scenes.  Apparently two neighbors got into an argument and... I will spare the details because they are gruesome.  Now this mess must be cleaned up and disinfected properly or it will adversely affect another family.  Luckily there is no family around so it will make the clean up much easier.  Often family is left to clean up the mess or contract someone to do it, this is not for the faint of heart.  We must adhere to particular guidelines set by OSHA and the EPA, bodily fluids are a known biohazard and must be properly disposed of.
     The hardest part of our job is to deal with the family.  Often times we are the only ones not feeling the pain of loss and people like a shoulder to cry on.  Crime scene trauma decontamination (CST Decon.) technicians find this the hardest part to deal with, it is tough not to get emotionally attached.
     Well I am keeping my fingers crossed and not, hoping and not hoping to get the job, it is just another one of those icky things we do.  I will keep you posted but I will spare you the pictures.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is the most shocking thing about carpet cleaning?

     I was asked last night "What is the most shocking thing about carpet cleaning?"  I had to think about it for a minute, taking it to an extreme, I said "If not done properly you could kill someone."  Now that is shocking, it sounds far fetched but lets think about it.
     If your carpets are cleaned by someone who does not understand how to clean carpets and over wets them, or leaves to much moisture in the carpet it will cause a water damage.  If the carpets remain wet for more than 24 hours mold may begin to grow.  Mold can be a dangerous thing, even a little bit of mold can cause respiratory problems. Couple this with asthma or other existing respiratory problems and you have a dangerous and possibly deadly situation.  Mold grows on things that are dead, breaking it down and returning it to the earth, natures way of recycling.  The mold can grow underneath the carpet feeding on dust, which is about 75% skin cells.  It can remain hidden underneath the carpet and every time you step on it, spores are pushed into the air creating a toxic environment and spreading it throughout your home.
     This is an extreme situation do not think that having your carpets cleaned is going to create a mold problem.  A certified carpet cleaner knows how to clean a carpet and should have the proper equipment to avoid over wetting.  This usually happens to the "Do it your-selfer" with a "rug doctor" or untrained carpet cleaners.

Let the carpet cleaners clean carpets, let doctors practice medicine, and let people do what they are trained to do.  You cannot know everything.