Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What does your carpet cleaner know?

Many people do not realize the training your carpet/ upholstery cleaning technician has gone through before cleaning your carpet/ upholstery.  At least, for your sake I hope they did.  Carpet and upholstery are textiles just like your clothes and linens.  Textile cleaning is a science, and some wrong calculations could spell disaster for your carpets.  Just like your clothes, carpets can be made of different materials and can require different cleaning techniques.  I am a Certified Master Textile Cleaner and have gone through many hours of hands on training by the top cleaners IN THE WORLD!  This training not only includes carpet cleaning but we get in detail about construction techniques and fiber composition, even color correction it is enough to bore you to sleep.  Not me, I love this stuff!  You can read more about me at our website.  See you soon.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for that summer fun!

     As many children get out of school we find ourselves changing our daily routines.  The house is going to have more traffic, plus it is summertime and we will be outside.  This tempts many people to hold off on the carpet cleaning till after the summer, but this can be a costly mistake, you see dirt is an abrasive, which means it causes tiny scratches to the surface of the carpet fibers.  These scratches do not reflect light quite the same way as a smooth surface would giving your carpet a duller look.  The best thing to do is have your carpets cleaned right before school gets out, and vacuum the heavy traffic areas daily, this will suck up most the loose sharp dirt particles that can damage your carpet.
     If you can see dirt on top of the carpet it is past time to clean the carpets, you see the dirt works it's way down into the fibers and hides, then more dirt deposits on top of that.  After a while you start to see it at the surface, this is past the time to clean and you may be damaging your carpets and shortening the life.  CRISIS CLEANING vs. REGULAR CLEANINGS
    Vacuuming is the single biggest thing you can do to prolong the life of your carpets.  Hot water extracting is the best and safest way to clean carpets with no left over residue to attract dirt.  Be sure your carpet cleaner is certified otherwise you may void your carpet warranty.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cleaning tile, sealing tile and painting grout

A tile floor should be sealed immediately after being installed, grout is porous and can stain easily.

When cleaning your tile floor at home you should use a neutral cleaner and a clean mop and clean water.  Thoroughly rinse the mop in between cleanings.  Remember, if the cleaning water is dirty the mop is too. A good rule is if you cannot see the bottom of the bucket, change the water.  About once a year a professional should come in to steam clean your tile.

Notice how that red grout was not so red anymore.  The color was still there it was just covered up by a caked on layer of dirt and grease.  Using our specialized steam cleaning tile equipment we were able to bring these floors back to life and looking as good as new.

If  you want a change in the grout color.  We can add a pigment to a sealer and change the color.  People will think you got a new floor.  Tile and grout floors should be sealed about every 3-5 years depending on the situation.  High traffic areas need to be done more often then less traveled areas.

This floor had gray grout and when the house was renovated the contractor thought the grout was black, after cleaning the floor and removing 50 years of dirt it's true color of gray was discovered.  This did not match the color of the newly installed floor so we were called in to make it all match.
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