Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What does your carpet cleaner know?

Many people do not realize the training your carpet/ upholstery cleaning technician has gone through before cleaning your carpet/ upholstery.  At least, for your sake I hope they did.  Carpet and upholstery are textiles just like your clothes and linens.  Textile cleaning is a science, and some wrong calculations could spell disaster for your carpets.  Just like your clothes, carpets can be made of different materials and can require different cleaning techniques.  I am a Certified Master Textile Cleaner and have gone through many hours of hands on training by the top cleaners IN THE WORLD!  This training not only includes carpet cleaning but we get in detail about construction techniques and fiber composition, even color correction it is enough to bore you to sleep.  Not me, I love this stuff!  You can read more about me at our website.  See you soon.