Friday, July 22, 2011

mold Mold MOLD, It is everywhere!

     I have never done so many mold inspections.  In the last two weeks I have responded to 8 mold jobs, the one thing most people don't realize is mold is bad and bleach does not work.  You see bleach only works on mold if it is on a nonporous, hard surface.  Bleach cannot penetrate into the microscopic areas that the mold's mycelium or "roots" can penetrate.  Special anti fungal cleaning agents are used and containment must be set up, or your whole house could be at risk.
     People often ask why is mold clean up so expensive?  The truth is because it is so dangerous, people can become deathly ill from exposure to mold.  When mold it growing undisturbed it outgases mycotoxins into the air, when it is disturb  it get much worse.  These spores can be breathed in, and your lungs are a great place to land and grow.  When high amounts airborne toxic mold spores are inhaled deep into the lungs they can enter the bloodstream and affect the immune system, nervous system, liver, kidneys, blood and cause brain damage.  It costs about $65/ person/day to outfit them in the appropriate protective gear to clean mold.  Proper containment must be set up and everything leaving the affected area must be decontaminated even the trash.  Most of the costs are associated with the handling and disposing of the materials and the safety of the remediation team.
     With the hot and humid weather upon us, stay vigilant if you can smell a musty smell there may be some mold nearby.  Try to locate it, cover it with plastic, seal it in as best you can and call A Better Image Restorations to come solve your problem.  Remember, bleach will not kill the mold in porous materials like wood, drywall, textiles, and  even countertops.
     Please stay safe and avoid the mold as much as possible, let a professional do it write the first time.