Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to fix a hole in your carpet

cat damage
Notice the area of fiber loss and the bleach spot, two for one.
I marked the area as a point of reference with a straight edge.
     Have you ever come home to find your loving pets decided to dig for gold in you living room.  Recently, we were cleaning a carpet for a client and discovered this hole in the carpet.  This property is a rental and having to replace the whole room of carpet would be costly.  
     We recommended that we do a bonded insert a.k.a. carpet patch.  While this is a fairly simple procedure, there are a few things you need to make note of.  
     While we always recommend a certified repair technician, they have more experience and maybe able to do a better job, this is something you can do yourself.

1. Mark the area you are patching with with a straight edge. 

2. Using a straight edge and a NEW razor blade carefully cut all the way through the carpet backing. Try not to cut though the carpet padding.  If any strings are still attached cut them do not pull on them it will unravel the carpet making it harder to repair.

NOTE:  remember the orientation of the carpet, this is also important.  Carpet has a certain way the fiber lies, this is called the nap.  You can determine the nap of the carpet with a pencil and a piece of paper.  More on that in another post.

Now locate an appropriate sized carpet remnant.  (If you do not have a remnant you can move this spot into a closet by doing 2 bonded inserts, again make sure the nap is going the same way.)

3.  After finding an appropriate patch you may need to do some fine tuning.  Fit the patch and see how it fits, trimming only a little at a time.(good scissors are best)  Make sure that the backing of the carpet and the patch match up perfectly and do not overlap.

4.  This step is often skipped, but is important for the longevity of the patch.  Use seaming glue to seal the edges on the patch and the carpet.  To do this apply a small amount of glue around the edges of the carpet patch and the carpet.  Apply only to the backing and try not to get the glue on the carpet fibers.  Allow some time to dry.  This can also be done with a hot glue gun.

5. Put carpet seeming tape (self adhesive type shown) in the area to be patched.  The tape runs half way under carpet.  Be sure that all edges will be in contact with the glue.  You may need to cut the paper to get a complete edge.  Be sure to keep the carpet fibers standing and away from tape.

6. Almost done.  Now place the patch in the hole start by lining up the edges of the carpet backing at the top then the sides and finally the bottom.  Be sure to to check and make sure the backing is not overlapping and no carpet fibers are stuck in the seam.  Once you are sure the carpet is set in place where you want it firmly press down on it to set it in the adhesive.  Finally Jump up and down on the carpet patch in celebration, this also make sure it is set into the adhesive.

Now you know how to do a basic carpet patch.  It is always best to let a professional do it, especially if you have a carpet warranty.   This works for cut pile carpets, level loop (berber) carpet is a little different and should be performed by a professional.

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